Composit - Mani FrenchIt’s probably one of the first manicure styles you have every tried. French manicure is back, and it’s here to stay! That is not a surprise, considering how anything 90s is all the rage right now. French manicure was the one thing missing! It’s a great manicure classic , which gives you really sober, elegant hands, thanks to its use of nude shades on the nail bed, and white details. It works with any age group, and any skin tone. We decided to show you three alternatives with a creative twist, to make it attractive also to those of you who prefer other styles, or like brighter, flashier colors.

Colorful. the spring version features pastel colors, but you could also go for black! The simple, but creative idea behind it is to break the rules, and use nude tones on the tip of your nails, making an inversion of the usual color distribution that is typical of French manicure.

Reverse. here is another version that plays with rules. In this version, the colored part will be the small half-moon close to your cuticles. It’s definitely a very glam option, it might just be a little hard to pull off for those of you who do their own nails.

Gradient. last but not least, a version that innovates old school French manicure, without attracting too much attention. In gradient French manicure, you keep the original color scheme, but get rid of the clear dividing line between nail bed and tip colors, which creates a very chic ombré effect as a consequence.
What do you think? Which version will be your pick?

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