Make sure you mark my words, because they will be your summer’s password: sea salt. Yes, that’s right, this is the ingredient that will take good care of your beauty, naturally and easily: sea salt has purifying properties, it is excellent for draining extra liquids, and as an anti inflammatory. Not only does it help against a very common nightmare for women – guess, it starts with a C and finishes in ITIS – it also helps our body get rid of dead cells. There are neverending ways to use sea salt in cosmetology, and each single one of them brings specific benefits with it that you can discover. Ready to add sea salt to your beauty routine?

hairWe all know about sea-salt sprays, because they are used to produce beach waves – but sea salt has other advantages, too. Sea salt treatments are actually excellent to rid your scalp of dandruff, and they are also ideal for those with greasy hair, as sea salt is also helpful in eliminating excess sebum from your hair. In addition to taking care of styling, sea salt also takes care of your hair, giving it lots of volume, too! Make sure that the formula you choose pairs sea salt to nutritious elements, such as coconut, or aloe: this will help you avoid the feeling of dryness that sea salt can leave behind once your hair dries.

fragranceThere is no better scent than the one that comes from the sea: fresh, regenerating and summer-like. How many times did you wish you could fill a small ampoule with the smell of the sea, before you left the beach? Many times, probably, mostly to be able to carry on relaxing, imagining the sound of the waves. Halo therapy and salt caves in spas are helpful in recreating that same condition of relaxation that is so hard to achieve in the city. Now, imagine you could be wearing this perfume every day… The good news is, you can! Just choose one of the fragrances in our gallery, it will do wonders for your mind.

bodycareIf you thought water and salt are only good for eliminating cellulitis, you are wrong: they are also very good for purifying your skin, making it smoother, and giving it a youthful glow. Grab your body scrub, grab a gommage for your face – watch out if you have sensitive skin, gommage is not for you – prepare your compress, and get your relaxing baths ready. The accumulation of toxins is one of the prime causes of premature skin ageing and of any marks appearing on your skin, so, being able to count on a natural ally like sea salt in this struggle is definitely a source of relief. And that is not all: walking in warm salt water also helps your circulation, unifying relaxation and care for your body in just one gesture. So, what are you waiting for? Go and have a walk along the shore at sunset: summer is here and the sea is expecting you!

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