mezza codaWhen we were young our moms always wanted us to be perfect and tidy, so the middle-height ponytail was perfect and a very simple-fast choice: no hair in the way, and voilà, perfect! As we grew up this look ended up in that “too-romantic” or “too-childish” closet, and was never opened again.. Till this season: catwalks elected mid-height ponytails coolest hairstyle of Spring Summer 2015, and many fashion-houses, guided by the best hairstylists, craft it in all kinds of ways. From Céline, which tighten the tail with a clip, to the super romantic pony – adorned with golden sea-themed accessories – seen at the Valentino show; all the way to Miu Miu, that chose a punk-allure tail for its show, opting for a wet-hair style. Christophe Lémaire liked it sideways, while Chiara, for Paris Fashion Week, loved it super simple. This coquettish look is definitely an evergreen! Which one is yours?

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  • Those past years this ponytail was seen as dated and too bcbg. I’m glad some hairstylists made it look this cool !

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