If you kept your eyes glued to Instagram during the Coachella weekends, you will have noticed one small, significant detail: it seemed almost forbidden not to have pastel, possibly multi-colored hair! The inspiration came from all that is magical, such as unicorns, mermaids and rainbows. All you need to do is choose your favorite color.

There are many ways to replicate this look at home, with no need to bleach your hair. You can try a temporary dye that works like any other at home dye and contains no ammonia; you can try spray, which has nothing to do with your old-school Carnival-like ones anymore: thanks to this trend, the new products are much better – or you can choose chalk, and we don’t mean the one for your blackboard at school… There is actually specific hair chalk!

Don’t forget to do it on clean, well-hydrated hair, because temporary colors will dry up your mane and stress your hair more than strictly necessary. Also avoid sleeping on white pillow cases, and remember not to wear your favorite silk shirt for a few days, as temporary dyes tend to bleed! The color will last for a few shampoos, making these dyes perfect for a festival weekend, or for wearing an unusual look for a week. So, get creative, and… Have fun!

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