nude nailsWhat’s the chicest nail polish color? Whether you are asking yourself in summer or winter our answer will still be the same: nude! Yes, because no matter the seasons’ trends and just like red (and also black), nude is a classic that goes with every look and occasion but, unlike the other two evergreens, is much more discrete, letting your hands be noticed for their perfect manicure instead of their eye-catching nails! The secret to wear it best? Choose a nude tone that highlights your skin complexion. Nude, in fact, is not a real color but more like a “concept” that should be interpreted based on one’s needs (and tastes!). Someone chooses it slightly rosy for a more natural effect, while others opt for the tones of beige (offering thousands of shades to choose from: Chanel, for exemple, presented a collection with 4 different delightfully nude beige shades) and some prefer darker nuances. In the gallery you will find our favorite nude nail polish, perfect for every taste and skin tone. Which one is yours?

Are you obsesses with nude as we are? Take a look at our fav nude lipsticks!

37 Responses to “The best nude nail polish for every skin tone”

    I always love nude on the nails, I like that it’s so subtle.

    Reply to Jel
  • I have nude nail polish on right now. So obsessed with it! Haha.


    Reply to Nora

    I love the Chanel beige rosé, but on me every shade od nude seems to make me look pale and not chic at all unfortunately…

    Reply to Jennifer
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