copertina BRONDEGentlemen prefer blondes? Apparently by looking at the hair of the celebrities this is not the case anymore; they’re all abandoning lighter shades to join the Brondes team. Brondes? Yes, you read right. Born from a mix of brunette and blonde, the term refers to that nuance that is not exactly brown but it’s too light to be considered blonde and it is loved by everyone! The most recent celebrity to embrace the new tone is Blake Lively, who last week posted on Instagram a picture of her new bronde look. But she is certainly not the the first; from Gisele to Cara, the trend increasingly nods to a less artificial look that follows the natural evolution of the hair. The perfect example? Chiara, who from an ultra blonde little girl transformed into a young beautiful bronde woman :). In the Gallery our favorite celebrities with different shades of bronde. Which one is yours?

23 Responses to “The celebrities Bronde Revolution”

    I like experimenting with hair colors. But mostly I get streaks of different colors. I have never dyed my entire hair and honestly, I am not sure if I ever will. But some people can pull off coloring their entire hair, so maybe they can next opt for the bronde look.

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    I’ve always been a bronde girl 😉

    Reply to Luzia

    ‘Bronde’ is nothing new. It’s simply dirty blonde/brown hair with (sometimes just highlights and lowlights, but more commonly) blonde ombre or balayage.

    Gisele’s hair has changed over the years but she has had some variation on dark blonde hair with blonde balayage for a long time.

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  • At first, when I saw an advert I thought it was a joke! – the name – but the colour is so gorgeous!

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