Tired of spending hours on your nails and end up with fingertips that look less like a chef d’oeuvre but more like an elementary school art project?

We all have been there, done that! Nail polish is definitely not easy to handle at home, even if you have a steady hand, all the right tools and nail polish in every color of the rainbow.

Fortunately, as spotted on many catwalks, nail art recently seems to drift towards a much more forthcoming trend: Minimal designs like simple dots (slightly dip your nail polish brush on your nail), overlong lines (yipiieh, spilling nail polish on your skin is TREND, can you believe it!) and colored details (just paint your nail tip) caught our attention.

That does not only look totally stunning and only takes a few seconds — it also has a 100% DIY guarantee, even if you’re not a nail artist. Whoop, whoop, champagne shower! But first, get your nails done. Because it sure does look better to hold your champagne glass with astonishing details on your fingertips, right?

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