Do you have fine, thin hair, of the kind that gets greasy very quickly? Fellow owners of fine hair, this post is for you. Have hope: there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and with our advice, you can survive yet another summer, fine hair or not.
Let’s start with saying that you’ll need to have a rigorous shampoo-and-conditioner routine, but before we go into any detail, let’s consider our context. It’s summer. In the summer, when it’s hot and humid, everyone has trouble managing their hair, even those who have been blessed with beautiful manes of thick hair. For those of us with thin hair that get dirty instantly, summer turns into a months-long nightmare. How to recognize a person with fine hair: their hairdo is shapeless half an hour into the day; their roots have zero volume; and their hair gets heavy because of sweat and because they cannot leave it alone and try to fix it – with questionable results. See yourself in this description? Here’s some tricks.
As we mentioned, routine is key here, and summer needs a special routine. A light, volumizing shampoo (which hopefully works) is important, as is the right kind of conditioner. Gasp! Did we say conditioner?! Yes, yes we did. While conditioner is often considered a no-no for people with fine hair, it doesn’t have to be off limits anymore. Enter the new Pantene foam conditioner: 100% conditioner and none of the heaviness. This new product nourishes your hair from the inside out thanks to its champagne-like bubbles in its exclusive formula. It dries quickly and leaves no residues. In the summer, moisturizing your hair is super important – never skip it! If you think you’re too cool for conditioner and skip using it, your hair will take their revenge by producing a lot more oil to compensate for it… which will turn your head into a miserable disaster.
For the post-routine phase, one more tip: try to limit tying up your hair in the hottest hours of the day only, so that they stay away from your nape without stressing it too much. By doing this, you won’t expose your hair to sweat (of which your nape has a lot) but you’ll also realize it makes a world of difference. Ready to put our advice to the test?

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