Remember Agyness Deyn between 2007 and 2008? I was in college at the time, and I loved her so much that I copied her hairstyle, a super short pixie cut that can be worn even, or with micro-bangs framing your face. She sported this style for about two years, with dark hair and bleached, almost white blonde hair. This second version was copied by so many, so much so that it actually started a trend that constantly reappears on celebrities. For years, it was Michelle Williams’s signature look, it was Miley Cyrus’s hairstyle during her bad girl phase, and it was the symbol of Charlize Theron’s androgynous metamorphosis. It really is the sort of haircut that draws attention! Even more so lately, when a lot of celebrities cut their hair and, since they were already working on it, they also bleached it. Forget multicolor wigs: Katy Perry loves her new hair and she gets wildly creative with makeup and outfits, as we saw at the Met Gala. Kristen Stewart looks super cool with her very short, fair version that she often matches to smoky eyes makeup, to give some depth to her gaze; Cara Delevingne also looks great, since she cut her bob, surprising everyone. Have a look at our gallery to get inspiration from those who were bold enough to radically change their style, and wear this look. Would you be able to be as brave?

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  • SO MUCH YES TO THIS. I did this like 3 year ago. The only down side is when whant to let your hair grow. Hard to style in the process and tones of visit to the hair salon.

    99% YES TO THIS 1% NE

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