The first time I saw something like this, I thought it was witchcraft. It reminded me of Micky Mouse as Sorcerer’s Apprentice, when he was trying to learn magic, and failed miserably, in one of my favorite parts of Fantasia. Put yourself in my shoes: somebody tells you, try this new conditioner, and hands you something that looks like firming mousse for curly hair. I tried to remove the label to see if it was a joke, but it was printed, it was clearly no joke at all.

The chemists who work in the field of beauty must be pretty witty, because they are coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas, as if they were really trying to destroy every single certainty I built about beauty over the years, leaving everyone awestruck in the process. Once you finally learned the 10 steps of Korean skincare by heart, you have to go back to studying, to try to understand how those people from Pantene actually managed to produce a conditioner that works for all hair types and looks like a mousse. Don’t get me wrong, I love this new stuff, I just feel like I am utterly confused!

As if foam conditioners were not enough, Charlotte Tillbury came up with a dry tissue mask. Yes, you got it, it’s not like the traditional ones, and it will make you look a lot like Jason, but rumor has it among beauty editors that it’s truly amazing. I still have to test it. Speaking of masks, there is really everything by now: from powder ones to those that bubble up while you wear them! Have a look at our gallery to discovery more kinds of sorcery, from Ouai‘s dry mousse shampoo, to face washes that transform oil into soap. And then, get ready and repeat after me: what sort of witchcraft is this?

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