IMG_5735 okSpring is here, and wedding preparation is almost done. Whether you are a bride or a guest, it’s time to think of the final details: have you chosen your hairstyle for the big day? If you’re still unsure, we are here to help, together with Pantene. Here are three excellent ideas (+ a video with Chiara’s tips: watch it at the end of the post) that will help both those who want a more natural look, as well as those who want an elaborate hairdo for their special day. If you want a romantic look, that still manages to come across as simple and cool, it is essential for your hair to look moisturized and well taken care of. It will be a central feature of your look!

1) Natural waves. This is perfect for those who are going to wear a tiara, or another precious hair accessory. Brides who have gone for a boho-style dress love this kind of hairdo, because it’s chic but not overly elaborate: a lot like Chiara’s daily look. The main point here is volume, your hair’s volume must look right the whole day. To achieve this, apply one of Pantene’s 1-Minute Wonder Ampoules, for an extra boost. Now it’s time to style your hair. Part it in the middle, dry it with a hairdryer and make soft, beautiful waves with a round brush, which will make your waves last longer: curls made with straighteners or curling irons are actually a lot less durable. The final touch will be a bit of dry oil to seal it all, and you will be good to go.

2) Low up-do with chignon. This style is supposed to look cool but with a sophisticated touch, given by the small twisted bun on the side of your head. For the look to work, start your routine with Smooth & Sleek Mask. Then, grab two thick locks from the front section, above your ears, twist the locks and then cross them over one another, as if you were braiding them together. Do so on each side of your head.
Now, bring together the two twisted locks onto one side of your head: the lack of symmetry will make your hairdo look even more interesting. The longer lock will be the one you use to make a chignon, rolling that in on itself, too. Tie everything with a small elastic band, and use a few pins if necessary, to finish the look.

3) 2 in 1 fishtail braid. The third, and last, hairstyle features two different braiding styles. This is the right idea for any (hairstyle) perfectionist reading! This is the most structured look and the one that will last the longest. Moisturize your hair in the shower with Repair and Protect conditioner, which will make your locks easier to shape, and will nourish them enough not to damage them with this hairdo. Start a flat Dutch braid on the side of your head, and secure it with an elastic band when you reach the nape of your neck. After this, make a fishtail braid, making it softer by pulling the locks, to create volume. After you are done with the fishtail braid, cut the first elastic band and join the two braids together. Finish your look with Protect & Style hairspray, and just enjoy your, or your friend’s, big day.

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