How to beat the summer heat? With an awesome hairstyle! Sometimes it’s hard to find a hairdo we can make fast and easy. Luckily, The Blonde Salad is here to show you which are the best 4 heat-free hairstyles to copy and to style all the time during this hot summer!


Messy updo

In these super hot days, it’s so hard to wear our hair down! That’s why it’s so much better to choose an updo hairstyle as long as we can do do it in a few minutes, without wasting time with blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers! We took inspiration from the latest Chiara Ferragni’s hairstyle. We loved this romantic vibe and how it matched with her super strong outfit. Want to copy it? Just tie back your hair at the top of the head and use all your bobby-pins to create a gorgeous messy style. The ultimate chic detail: caress your face with two rebel locks!


Messy Bun

Thank God we have the messy bun! When it’s so hot outside, there’s nothing better than this super easy hairstyle, that we can do in 4 seconds! Let’s be honest: the best messy bun is always the one we do effortlessly, without even having a mirror in front of us! The only thing you need is the coolest scrunchie on Earth. Probably, Camila Coelho as well spent a few seconds to do this beautiful messy bun!


High ponytail


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If a messy bun is the easiest, a high ponytail is maybe the most difficult. It’s so hard to put all your rebel locks inside the perfect ponytail! But we assure you that the result is so satisfying. The high ponytail is trending in 2018, that’s why we’re sure we’ll see it again in the upcoming months. Nicola Anne Peltz suggests us to use a headband to hide all the baby hairs!


Natural curls or… permed hair!

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Oh yes, permed hair is fashionable once again. We’re not talking about the same perms that made our mums’ hair frizzy in the Eighties! Today’s perms are much softer and relaxed. The result? Beautiful natural curls! Why should you do your perm in the summer? Because you it will allow you to forget your blow dryer during your next holidays and to show the most amazing curls ever, that will make your Instagram followers scream! Just like the ones Bella Hadid rocked at Cannes Film Festival.

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