Spring is makeover time and our hair are the first to satisfy our desire of a change. That’s something we have in common with many celebrities, that in the lastest weeks unveiled their new hairstyles that will definetely rule the trends of the season. Do you want to discover which is the trendiest one? The bob haircut: everybody seems to love it!



Dua Lipa

The hottest singer of the moment decided to cut her long dark hair, styling a new gorgeous choppy bob with a Nineties flava.



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Kendall Jenner

It’s been a long time that Kendall Jenner made the bob her own trademark, but recently she shortened her black locks, for an above the shoulders haircut with wavy volumes.

I wanna hold you when I’m not supposed to…

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez changed her hairstyle so many times lately that it’s quite to difficult to recall all of them. After seeing her platinum blonde and with bangs, she’s rocking a flipside wavy bob.


Leighton Meester

Even if Gossip Girl has ended many years ago, Leighton Meester hadn’t lose the iconic Blair Waldorf hairstyle. Until now: her natural brown hair colour was replaced by a platinum blond and a messy bob just above the shoulders.

New Hues 🌞

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Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale decided for an extreme makeover: new hair colour and new haircut! After trying every possible haistyle in the world, she opted for a caramel blonde that give that sparkling touch to her wavy bob.

Cara Delevingne

Exactly one year ago, Cara Delevingne unveiled to the world her new shaved head at the Met Gala. In 12 months she changed her haistyle so many times, lenghtening her hairfor her model duties. Now she’s rocking a faboulous messy pixie cut… maybe she wants to go back to long locks?

Scarlett Johansson

Her blonde hair made her a sex symbol. For the première of the latest movie of the Avengers saga, Scarlett Johansson surprised everybody with a new warm brown haircolour. She’s been a brunette in the past, but for a very short time: how longg will this new style last?

Discover all the celebrity hairstyles for spring 2018!

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