Composit - Trend Spring 2When we watch fashion shows, we always wish for one thing: to get our favorite look, at that very moment. When it comes to fashion, though, it’s not always so simple. Some designers started bridging the gap between catwalk and retail, but that is not the case for every fashion house. Luckily, if you are passionate for makeup and beauty, it’s a different story. You can copy beauty looks from any season, all you need is a bit of creativity, and a few images, for inspiration! Here are 3 trends from Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 that you could already start following this Spring. Let’s break some rules!

Fresh face. This is a perfect look for Spring, we thought, during fashion shows. So long, contouring; goodbye, overly matte bronzers and powders. What you should be going for is the look you would have when waking up on a spring morning, with fresh skin, and slightly flushed cheeks. Focus on your skin’s glow and on your choice of blush: if you are very pale, stick exclusively to pink, whereas if your complexion is richer, you could also go for coral and more beige tones.

Twiggy/spider lashes. Mascara on mascara, on more mascara. There is no such thing as too much for this eye makeup style, as was seen in the “spider lashes” look that Chiara wore at the Dior fashion show: go for a light eyeshadow, which will let your lashes be center stage. If you want to have British supermodel Twiggy’s 1960s gaze, do not forget to put mascara on your lower lashes, too.

Neon details. One little touch will suffice: be it one eyeliner stroke, colorful mascara, or boldly colored eyeshadow. This trend is perfect for anyone who is planning to go to festivals – Coachella is approaching! – or if you feel like going to pool parties. The hottest colors this seasons are fuchsia and emerald green.

Which is your favorite trend? Write it in the comments below! You will find the products you need for each of them in the gallery. 🙂

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