It’s no secret that we like luxury brands, both in our closet and in our vanity, especially when it comes to skincare. As for makeup, though, there are many good alternatives that can save your wallet from a terrible fate. After introducing 3 low cost makeup brands a while ago, here we are to tell you about three more that should be on your radar! Buckle up and get ready then, and let’s go discover three (more) low cost brands you should know.

sleekEver been on a trip to London? Have you ever gone into Superdrug, and noticed an ever-empty Sleek display? The reason why Sleek shelves are always empty is that they are best sellers, and when stores are just done refurbishing their stock, it goes immediately sold out again. Powders, such as blushes, contour kits and eyeshadow palettes, are their must-have products, intensely pigmented and long-lasting.

madinaThis is a famous brand from Milan, founded in 1993 and revamped in 2014. After this restyling, it was back at the center of all beauty addicts’ attention: peeking into the kits of makeup artists in the backstage of shows, Chic&Shine, Madina’s must-have stick highlighter, was pretty much everywhere. In addition to their classic in-store makeup service, Madina also offers wedding makeup service for the bride and for her friends, using the best products of the entire stock.

beauty-pieThis brand is not only low-cost, it’s a true surprise that brings great innovation in the makeup world. Its mission is to offer the highest quality at wholesale price, avoiding the extra costs created by organizing packaging, testimonials and advertising. To do this, they started a club which allows its members to buy very high-quality formulas in minimalist packaging, for very low prices. For instance, if you join the club, you will be able to buy a 30£ foundation for only 4£. Yes, only 4£! Unfortunately, this service is only available in the UK and US for now, but they are planning to come to many other countries, soon. We can’t wait!

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