Composit Low CostLet’s be honest… Being makeup fans can be very costly. Each time we see a new product on Instagram, or a new trend we just can’t miss, or a wonderful, unique nuance… That’s when our wallets feel the fear. The good news is, it is actually not necessary to spend a fortune to have an impeccable look! The market is crowded by new brands that guarantee high quality and will not break the bank. Here are 3 low cost makeup brands you should keep in mind if you would like to save money, or to make the best of your reduced budget. Disclaimer: we decline any responsibility for sending you shopping.

Zoeva. Zoeva sells online, and ships worldwide. Zoeva first became popular thanks to the excellent quality of its makeup brushes. These are available as kits, or individually, to make it easier to collect them all. Serious fans shouldn’t miss the metallic rose gold version of the brushes. On top of this, other products you just can’t miss are eyeshadow palettes, heavily pigmented and with a fantastic, wide selection.

3ina (aka Mina). The minimalist style and the crazy amount of colors this line sells can’t just not convince you. Walking into one of their shops – they just recently opened one in Milan, too – is a highly recommended experience: you can go shopping there, as well as attend makeup classes, and book a makeover for a special occasion. We think their must-have product is lipstick: they come in plenty of colors, and multiple kinds of finish.

Colourpop. This is the brand that got to rule the hearts of American makeup fans thanks to its liquid lipstick: they are the sister company to the one behind Kylie Cosmetics’ Lip Kits. Those lipsticks, and their eyeshadows that come in innovative textures – halfway between a mousse and a cream – are the brand’s best sellers. Colourpop is a perfectly apt name for this makeup line, since the two products we just mentioned, for instance, guarantee crazy colors with a very quick application. This company often launches limited edition products that usually sell out within a few hours, often as collaborations with famous international YouTubers.


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