It’s our favorite moment of the NY Fashion Week, that moment when you come home, sit down and examine the shows to identify the season’s trends. When it comes to beauty, there is so much to be written that we could start an encyclopedia! So, in order not to get lost in this sea of looks and techniques to experiment with, just carry on reading. Here are the 3 NYFW beauty trends for Fall Winter 2017-2018 that you really, really shouldn’t miss!

eyes-that-popNaked palettes and natural shades? Say goodbye to those for now. The time has come to experiment and turn your makeup look into a work of art. The focus is on your eyes, the most important products will be eyeliners and eyeshadows, strictly in pop shades. Blue is definitely the must-have color for your vanity, and as for the trait, get inspired by Andy Warhol and Joan Miró: there is only one rule, that is, unleash your creativity.

dec-your-hairWhichever hairstyle will be your favorite for next season, just follow one simple guideline for it: you must accessorize – a lot! Dust off your Blair Waldorf headbands, the ribbons from when you used to go to school, and your princess tiaras… The possibilities are endless! We love this trend because even the lazy ones among us will be able to make their hair look more interesting, no matter whether they let it down or tie it up in a chignon.

bottom-lashes-pleaseThere are two types of people in this world: those who apply make up on their lower lashes, and those who ignore them, as if they didn’t exist. We can hear it loud and clear from the catwalks: lower lashes are here, and they want your attention! So, let’s go for drawing emphasizing details and extensions… your lower lashes have to be so visible you can see them from space! The extra touch? A golden or silver eyeliner that can light up your gaze, and point all the attention on your lower lashes.

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