Three King’s day officially put an end to the holidays, and these weeks will fade into a memory very soon. The time has come to roll up our sleeves and get off to a good start, to start 2017 with our head held high. You may already have written your own list of new year’s resolutions, but these 5 beauty-themed ones are really important – you can’t just ignore them!


It’s boring to wear the same makeup everyday, let’s be honest. The next look you should try is the monochrome one, especially in sepia tones: it creates a beautiful effect and it is very convenient too, since lipstick will also work as a blush: perfect for traveling! If you find using just one color for the entire face a bit too extreme, try to wear your eyeshadow and your nail polish in matching colors.


Step 1: sign up for a new course at your gym. We are also trying that, with a yoga wall course, a sport activity that unites toga and Spider Man’s superpowers, with the help of special harnesses that get fixed on the wall. We all looked kinda clumsy, true, but we are motivated and we will keep on trying, and we are going to test other activities, too. Keep following #TBSwellness to witness our (mis)adventures.


Should we just cut it out? 2017 is the right year to abandon your long locks, and go for a pixie haircut! Super short hair is super cool, even more so if you decide to donate your locks to charity: they will be transformed into wigs for girls and women who need it to make their new year more beautiful, and find their own beauty again.


It will never be enough. The solution is very simple, you can start by transforming your house into a SPA, where you can try the new treatments that are made just for this. The spas of the future will be DIY! A warm bath in your tub, with a few candles and a bit of music to set the mood will be like being reborn. Don’t forget to use a face mask, to make it complete, and give your face a bit of relaxation, too.


Everyone knows scents are strongly connected to memory, so the only way to really end it with last year is to find a way to create new memories. Don’t just go to the perfume store, tailor-made fragrances are all the rage right now. They get created with a 100% personalized experience, that will gift you with a perfume that will be only yours. We already were fans of exclusive fragrances, so this is our own real scent nirvana!

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