Composit Celeb MakeupIt now seems to be the thing to do: celebrities going from style trendsetters to beauty gurus, and launching makeup lines at the speed of light. Rihanna just announced she will start Fenty Beauty next fall, at the same time that Victoria Beckham’s makeup line, with Estée Lauder, will be released. Katy Perry will launch a collection in July for Covergirl, and we are pretty sure someone is cooking up another announcement as we write… Either right now or to be announced in a few days! We thought of helping you find your way in this tangle of new makeup lines, here are 5 makeup lines created by celebrities that are already available, and that should be on your radar.

Flower by Drew Barrymore. A Walmart exclusive, this is a collection of makeup and fragrances whose underlying philosophy is “love the way you look”. Flowers loves of natural beauty: this is reflected in its product formulations, which are mostly based on natural ingredients, very gentle, and not tested on animals. They don’t advertise, and rely solely on founder Drew’s publicity, so that they can spend all their funding on research and formulations. This strategy gives consumers excellent products at a relatively low price.

Circa by Eva Mendes. Latina beauty and new mum Eva Mendes is Circa’s creative director. Circa was launched to provide beauty products to women of any ethnicity and skin tone. Its products are very high quality, and they offer a wide range of colors and trends. The brand chose  a very classical, timeless look for its cosmetics. This makes them look slightly nostalgic, reminding us of the time we used to rummage in our mums’ and grannies’ makeup vanities when we were children. Circa is available in the US at Walgreens.

Iman Cosmetics by Iman. Launched in 1994, this line is considered iconic in the cosmetics market by now. Iman Cosmetics was started to provide women of color — African-American, Asian, Latinas, biracial and multicultural — with a choice of makeup that would suit their skin, which comes in a myriad of shades and from all sorts of histories. Their assortment already included sixteen different foundation shades in the first year of its launch. If you’d like to test some of Iman’s products, they are available in the US, Canada, UK, France and Caribbean countries.

Kat von D. Kat von D. reached celebrity status in the tattoo world thanks to the TV show LA Ink, among other things. She launched her makeup line, together with Sephora, back in 2008. Since then, basically almost any product she launched was a success story. If you haven’t tried her liquid eyeliner yet, we recommend you do so, and quickly! Her must-have products are always sold out in no time. Kat von D. Beauty products are vegan, and not tested on animals.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Autograph. This is actually a team project, but still: don’t miss it! Rosie’s line is a best-seller in the UK, where it is distributed by Marks&Spencer’s. Its irresistible rose-gold packaging contains formulations and colors that will make copying supermodel looks a piece of cake. The two products you can’t miss according to TBS: Rosie’s lipsticks and her body oil shimmer, for summer.

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