It was Halloween only 10 days ago, and all Spotify lists already sound like a tribute to Mariah Carey! All I want for Christmas is a beauty advent calendar, can we say that? It doesn’t really get better than that. First, these calendars don’t make you fat – bye bye chocolates! Secondly, they are packed with beautiful things to try out. Third, they come in so many types! Some focus on skincare, others on fragrances, and others on makeup. They are also budget-friendly, since you can choose from so many options, ranging from rather cheap to those you might afford only if you team up with friends. Think about it though, isn’t it a genius idea? You can share content and expenses: it’s a fun way for everyone to get some new products and a lovely excuse to get together. Now, the one challenge is: don’t open all boxes on the first day! Will you have enough self-control? We might not… Actually we didn’t. Oops! We only took one for the team so we could pick the best beauty advent calendars for you, and share our selection in the gallery with you. Now, it’s your turn to choose!

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    I love these calendars !! the idea is great, they’re super practical and helpful, i like it !! if we celebrated Christmas i would definitely put it on the list 🙂

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