Innovation in the beauty industry never stops – we’re basically entering the Matrix. First came the apps that told you how to perfect your look, but that was just the beginning. Augmented reality is now – well, a reality! For the non-technology-nerds (or the technology Muggles) among you, augmented reality is the step before virtual reality, the difference being that with augmented reality you are still “in this world”, which represents the background upon which an added layer, developed through images, creates a visualization of what we’d like to see. Remember the holograms in Star Wars? This is pretty much the same thing. To go back to beauty, augmented reality can now be used to try on makeup without having to actually apply it onto your face. Through Counter, an app about to be launched, you’ll be able to try on anything (a n y t h i n g) you want, and then purchase it directly through the app without even having to leave your house. Among the many brands that have partnered with Counter we can already list Charlotte Tilbury, Lime Crime, Stila, Clarins… there’s something for everybody! Unlike previous apps, Counter also lets you see the packaging of the products, which, according to marketing experts, can make the difference in what you purchase and you don’t. As far as I’m concerned, they’re totally right: Charlotte Tilbury’s rose gold represents half the fun. This tech is also perfect to try on those kinds of products for which no testers are available, such as fake eyelashes. Battington Lashes, the producer of fabulous silk eyelashes, is launching an app that recognizes the shape of your eyes and shows you what its products would look like on you. If this is not genius, we don’t know what is! The only thing that’s missing? Experiencing texture. And even then, you can consult an expert and get their opinion. Perfect365 is about to launch the PRO version of its app, through which makeup artists can suggest their customers variations on their looks through augmented reality. Your screen will show you back your look with the products your makeup artist recommends, and the app will link to the e-commerce websites where you can buy them. Welcome to the future!

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