Composit - GlitterNo makeup artist working backstage during this season’s fashion shows managed to do without one thing this year: glitter was central for Autumn-Winter shows in 2016-2017. It was raining glitter, as if there were nothing else in the world! Who wouldn’t want to look like a My Little Pony princess everyday, when they leave home? Oh, we see some hands going up, excellent, welcome to the #glitterforever team! We are loving this makeup trend for next Winter, and we think it is also perfect for summer, since festival season is coming up.

In our gallery, we collected the best looks from recent fashion shows, as well as all our favorite cosmetics to copy them. We are also giving you a few tips. 1. Do not let this trend intimidate you, you don’t have to overdo it – actually, to be honest, you really shouldn’t! It is very easy to make this style easily wearable: get just a touch of glitter by using intensely pigmented sparkly eyeshadow in the center of your eyelid. This will create a beautiful and not overly eccentric effect. 2. Make sure you’ve got “glitter glue” at hand, the primer that you need for glitter to actually stick. Also remember to only use cosmetic glitter, as any other type might scratch your skin (or your eyes, which is even worse). If you can’t find a proper product to use as glue, you could also go for a gloss with a very sticky finish, that will give you a wet look. The glitter might move around a little, but you won’t lose too much of it, and your makeup will last for at least a few hours!

Now you are ready, go and glitter up… Responsibly!

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