who-1Cashmere Carillo is an extraordinary woman who’s built a small empire thanks to her willpower and her ability to believe that you can always improve yourself a little further. Her mission is being sweet and making others’ lives sweeter in turn, because you always need to look at the silver lining. And she knows that: she became the teenage mother of a baby girl at 16 and later was diagnosed with breast cancer. But she did not give up and kept on working for her own and her daughter’s future from her hospital bed. Defeating cancer wasn’t easy, but her stubbornness allowed her to overcome the greatest obstacle of her life and become the founder of a beauty brand which is very much appreciated in the US. Even Queen Beyoncé was very much impressed by this beautiful story and its happy ending, to the point where she’s hosted it on her website.


Beauty Bakerie was born in 2011 in California. Its product line is famous for being cruelty-free and for not melting even at the end of a long day or as a consequence of greasy skin. It includes lipsticks, eye shadows, face oils, highlighters and many vegan products, such as Wake & Bake Hydrating Face Oil, an intensive moisturizing oil which you can use on your ace, skin, nails, and lips.


What’s sweeter than ice cream? In the summer, possibly nothing: so you might well fall in love with the packaging of Beauty Bakerie products! When instead of ice cream, the tub contains a fantastic highlighter that which change your life, well, twist my arm. The sweet design, the quality of the ingredients and the concept behind them create a perfect mix that will get your attention.


We all need a good serving of sweetness every day, for us to feel better and happier! This is why we love Beauty Bakerie, a makeup brand that makes us feel better and be better people. This opposition to the “bad girl” makeup trend might also be another reason to like it: we need to enjoy the last of the summer and think that the season will never end, at least not on our skin – or inside us!



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