Composit Lipstick QueenWHO Poppy King, young Australian woman, in the early 90s found herself faced with a challenge: finding herself the perfect shade of lipstick, in her home town (Melbourne). When each attempt proved useless (and she couldn’t get MAC or Bobbi Brown, as they hadn’t arrived there yet) she chose a path for a true #girlboss, which meant founding her own brand and launching her first label Poppy in 1992. The success of the brand, even though it was niche, took her on an adventure into the world of cosmetics; working in the US for Estée Lauder in the Prescriptives team. From this experience came her book, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, where she’s collected the lessons learned during her years of work, plus the eponymous brand, which has already become a cult.

WHAT Lipsticks in all forms, finish and colors. Poppy chose this product as a focal point for the range because of its unique capacity to transform a look, while other types of makeup tend to correct or accentuate the characteristics of the face.

WHY The formulas are in-cred-di-ble. Intense pigmentation, maximum comfort and impeccable results. When it comes to colors and finishes there’s an embarrassing amount of choice, and to honor Poppy’s original mission, there’s a perfect shade for everyone.

TBS <3 The Frog Prince Collection. An entire range of green products, which when they come into contact with the skin, reveal a personalized pink tone. Everyone’s talking about it online and it’s not difficult to see why! To be honest we also have a weakness for the Lux range: the inspirational vintage packaging instantaneously makes us feel like an old school diva.

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