Composit RMSWHO Rose-Marie Swift, whose initials are also the brand’s name, has been working as a makeup artist for over 35 years. She started out in Vancouver, her hometown, and moved to Miami in the mid-90s. That’s where her stellar career took off: she became the favorite of several Victoria’s Angels, and not just for their fashion shows. Miranda Kerr and Rose-Marie are the proud co-owners of a dog, Frank, and they take care of him depending on who’s busier. As in every success story, there is a dark side: Rose-Marie had to deal with a very serious heavy metal intoxication, which was caused by her work as a a makeup artist. After years dealing with this issue, she started helping others to be more aware in their makeup choices, through the website, and founded RMS Beauty, to sell products that are not damaging for your health.

WHAT a line of natural cosmetics, as natural as possible, and as devoid of toxic chemical agents as can be: this is the underlying philosophy of this cult brand. Absolutely pure ingredients, total control from the source all the way to packaging, formulations that are elaborated with utter care, in order to make a difference. All RMS products can be combined with one another, to create new colors and a tailor-made experience.

WHY RMS’s customers know that the oil-based formulations contained in those precious little glass jars guarantee excellent results, while taking care of your skin. Every single product in this line is completely free of conservatives, damaging toxic agents and anything else that might be bad for your health. It’s one of those cases in which it’s easier to list the ingredients rather than what’s missing from the formulation, which makes RMS unique in the beauty world.

TBS <3 Living Luminizer and Master Mixe. If you’re only going to buy two products from this line, go for these. The first one is THE highlighter par excellence. The latter is a very innovative multitasker, which can transform any of your products with its wonderful rose-gold shade. You’ll get addicted in no time!

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