flash tattoosThere is two types of people, those who have no tattoo and those who, after the first one, can’t stop! Whether you belong to the first or second group, you can’t go without trying one of the coolest trends of the season: flash tattoos! From children gadgets to hippie-chic festival must-haves, they are the perfect accessory for bikinis, as seen on celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna, who launched a collection of temporary tattoos in collaboration with the brand Jacquie Aiche. The coolest? The golden ones, of course, which recall nature elements or codes borrowed from Native American Tribes. We also love the pop and old-school ones but in the super small version, to be used all together for an explosive effect! Still hesitant?  Let us convince you with our gallery, and remember, they will disappear in a week 😉

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47 Responses to “Beauty summer trends: temporary flash tattoos!”

  • I actually got a real tattoo after being inspired by Chiara 😀 It was three years ago,one little tattoo on my wrist but I was really happy with it 🙂
    Now I am in love with these summer tattoos too. I have to stock up so I have some flashy detail in the summer too(those open back dresses just call for it 😀 )

    Reply to Rory

    I love flash tattoos. I really enjoy mixing the gold and silver. They are a very neat way to accessorize! I important to keep in mind though, sometimes less is more.

    Reply to Lucy

    Già comprati e pronti per essere usati durante le vacanze! Non vedo l’ora 🙂


    Reply to Alice
  • WOW, not sure if I want to join the bandwagon hmmmm…. meanwhile stle inteviews are being held on my site !

    Reply to Nakissi
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