Composit Custom ColorsThe beauty industry has certainly changed a great deal over the last few decades: compared to the relatively small assortment of colors that used to be available, we now can choose among an almost endless palette of colors, different types of finish, and all sorts of product customizations.  Every time a new line of cosmetics is launched, it doesn’t usually just offer 10 shades anymore, it offers 25, 30, occasionally even up to 100! Take Urban Decay for instance, with their new collection, Lipstick is my Vice. Crazy, right? The real beauty trend right now, though, goes even beyond this already considerable amount of choice: you can now really completely customize your makeup and your skincare! Yes, you got that right: lipsticks, shampoos, serums, you can personalize anything depending on your body’s characteristics, so that each product can be as effective and unique as possible. Have a look at the gallery, to find out what brands offer this kind of service, and imagine what your ideal product would be.

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  • Amazing concept. Being me, I’d be super overwhelmed at making the perfect shade but hey, the future is definitely now.

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