At first it was only her, Cara Delevingne, who stood out among her fellow models  with her thick and dark eyebrows. Gradually the trend started spreading among celebrities: Lily Collins, Keira Knightley and Lucy Hale are just some of the stars that left the classic thin well-defined winged brows behind to opt for a bolder look. Then came the consecration: Rihanna. A couple of days ago she shared a picture on Instagram– the cover of the first single from her new album – in which the makeup is strongly focused on her eyebrows; straight, dark and ultra thick. The personalized look created by the makeup artist Yadim especially for Rihanna, mirrors a strong trend that was also seen on the Spring Summer 2015 runways where thick brows, emphasized by the use of pencils (or even piercing as for Rodarte) for a graphic, at times wild, effect are king.

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