Composit - Rich BobbiLet’s continue our journey discovering the perfect makeup for every complexion. After very fair skin it’s time to focus on richer skin tones. Not being experts on the subject, we thought we’d ask someone who chose integration as the mission of her cosmetic line: Bobbi Brown. Since the birth of her brand, Bobbi tried to ensure that every woman walking up to a counter would find the best shades for her skin, from foundation to lipstick, to her famous concealers (and correctors). The first motto she suggested is as simple as it is essential: makeup is about options, not rules. But we sure take her advice very seriously!

How do we create the perfect base with rich skin tones?

The first step is foundation. Avoid those that have a pink or white undertone, they could make your skin look chalky and washed out. The selection of formula is up to you – Ed. Bobbi’s favorite is the super classic Skin Foundation Stick, a true must-have –, choose the one that suits your lifestyle and skin type most. One important thing to understand is what the right color for you would be. Test several shades, in natural light, on the side of your face between the nose and the side of the cheek. Then double-check it against your forehead. Some women with richer skin tones tend to be darker around this area.

How do we color correct?

If you feel your complexion needs a more even tone, sweep a bronzer across your whole face. It’s an excellent product to help color correct. Do not use translucent powders, because they make dark skin look dull and pasty. Stick to foundations and bronzers that add warmth, truer to your natural skin color which is rich and beautiful.

Which colors should we pick for the eyes and lips?

In the 1980s women with darker skin tones used to favor plum and purple hues for both eyes and lips. They typically didn’t experiment with pastel shades. Today there are so many nuances that complement every type of skin, so I recommend experimenting until you find something that will work for you. When choosing lipstick, remember a simple guideline: the lighter your lips’ natural color, the lighter the product you pick (as a nude) should be, as it should be a reflection of the original.

Can we use highlighter to brighten up our complexion? How do we pick one?

Absolutely! You can start highlighting with your skincare, using a product that will add the perfect glow and give the skin a fresh and lively effect with just one touch. In order to avoid maximum-wattage luminescence, all you have to do is to combine the highlighter with bronzer. The areas you should focus on for the highlight are the highest part of your cheekbones, then lightly dust forehead, bridge of the nose and chin in order to best capture the light. There is such beauty in a woman’s face. You need to embrace it and enhance it.

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