Gabriela Hernandez, artist, makeup historian and designer, moved to the US when she was only 12, bring her best memories with her from Buenos Aires. The moments during which she watched her grandmother do her makeup as a kid are among those memories, and they were also her first contact with the makeup world. After graduating from art school and a 10-year career, she decided to start her very own personal project: giving a new life to vintage cosmetics, by giving them a new skin.


That was how Bésame Cosmetics was born in 2004. Since that year, this brand allows its customers to relive that old Hollywood vibe with just a bit of mascara, or a dusting of face powder. Lipsticks are the collection’s focus, Gabriela designed them after an accurate research in flea markets and shops, looking for new/old shades to replicate. She likes calling this part of her work “treasure hunting”, and we could not agree more!


As well as by its captivating expressiveness and image, Bésame Cosmetics is a company that is also characterized by the quality of its products. It offers something different in the field of makeup, something useful as well as delightful. This was always the founder’s aim, who did not just want to mindlessly copy an era, but rather also bring it back to life in every woman’s makeup, anytime they wish to have that.


Each nuance is the exact replica of a shade from the past, studied in every detail to obtain the same unique color, but with a new formula that can perform, without drying your lips like lipsticks of yore used to do. Our favorite detail? The experience is enhanced and completed by the scent of these vintage cosmetics, that leaves a trail of nostalgia behind, and that will make you want to open your cosmetics just to smell them.

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