Susanne Langmuir was always a bit of a tomboy. It might seem odd, but working with cosmetics for years has not changed her one bit. Don’t imagine her dressed in pink, creating eyeshadow and girly palettes, because her story has nothing to do with that. It all started on the field — or to be precise, on the fields! — where Susanne spent 10 years, looking for sustainable ingredients, getting suppliers and labs in touch with one another, in order to create an innovative supply chain. She made this her true mission, and chose to start a company that can really be sustainable and profitable at the same time, like no other before.


In 2011, she started Bite Beauty, a line of cosmetics like none other before. It focuses solely on lipstick, and these lipsticks are all edible: crazy, right? The ingredients are so natural that you can literally eat them. We discourage that, though, because that would be a waste of some of the best products we have ever seen on the market.


This company puts so much care in its production process that it makes its products truly unique. All lipsticks come from their Canadian headquarters in Toronto, and are entirely handmade, from the mixing of pigments to obtain the perfect color, until the time the finished stick gets sealed with its cap. Despite its focus on sustainability, the line is also very chic, perfect for the most demanding consumers, too, suitable for those who choose products based on performance, and not just basing judgment on the brand’s shared values. With Bite, you’ll be able to have the best of both worlds!


Their agave-based treatments that prepare your lips for all the other products in the line. Their mask is a true must-have. If you live in NYC, San Francisco, San Jose or Toronto, please consider yourself lucky, because you will have the chance to have your customised lipstick created for you from zero at one of Bite’s Lip Labs – and then go for some good old shopping!

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