Erin, Mandy and Missy Mainard are three identical twins. It almost sounds magical, doesn’t it? It might be a little, at least they seem to believe it is. Since they were small, they always thought you need some magic in your daily life, in whichever form it will show. Music was their passion for a while – they were on American Idol – but later on, the world of fantasy took over and they decided it was a good time to start a project to celebrate it.


The twins have been working on Storybook Cosmetics for a few years. This line went viral online in October 2016; the cosmetics are inspired by young people’s favorite stories and not only, and they add a touch of magic to the moment you get ready to leave the house in the morning. The sisters are working on a whole cosmetics line, but in the meantime, they launched some micro-collections dedicated to their favorite fantasy stories.


This brand is dedicated to those who don’t want to stop dreaming, and especially to those who are still awaiting their Hogwarts acceptance letter 😉 Their products might not be the most innovative or the most technologically advanced, but they are definitely perfect for anyone who wants a break from the daily grind, to feel like a magician or a princess.


Their Beauty and the Beast-inspired rose-shaped brushes are just A-MA-ZING. But in Storybook Cosmetics’ case, the best is yet to come! We are awaiting products dedicated to Hunger Games and The Chocolate Factory. We can’t wait to discover what is expecting us, and what other spells the Maynard girls have up their sleeve. We must warn you, though, you will have to stay glued to the screen to manage to buy a product… Their collections always sell out in just a few minutes!

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