Lindsay Ellingson, a supermodel with a ten-year career under her belt. She worked for Victoria’s Secret, too, but her friends didn’t call her an angel: they called her “Walking Sephora” instead. Why? Easy, she absolutely loves beauty, and in the backstage, she tried to steal all the secrets of the best makeup artists, to then proceed to launch her very own cosmetics line. Since she is always on the go, she decided to create a brand that suits her own lifestyle and image, and that also responds to the needs of modern women.


That’s how Wander Beauty was started. Her line of beauty products is built around one fundamental principle, that is, products have to be multi-tasking – just like we have to be, every day. Every product is travel-friendly, they all fit into hand luggage, and they can be used easily, between a meeting and a date with your friends. It’s not a line with many references, it rather adds products with time, depending on what the team and consumers really find useful.


Wander Beauty products aren’t just pretty, they’re good too (a.k.a. cruelty free). Formulas don’t contain any parabens or phtalates, plus they’re enriched with ingredients that are good for your skin. The highlighter, just to mention one as an example, has Vitamin E. We told you they’re really multitasking!


Their double-product sticks, perfect to be thrown in your bag on your way out, to be used at the end of the day to touch up your makeup. The good thing about the entire line, anyway, is that you will always be giving yourself something useful. You won’t find any bright colors or any rainbow hues, but for your daily life, there’s really everything!

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