Nobody wears bright lipstick during winter – except for red. It’s almost a cliché by now, red lipstick is basically part of the holiday season, as much as Christmas lights, mistletoe and Mariah Carey’s hits. It’s time to change that. New year, new look! So, why not start with something simple, like lipstick? There’s a reason why lipstick is women’s most beloved cosmetic: it makes your complexion look radiant, it can turn your day around without entirely changing your features, and without taking 3 hours to perfect your technique (as you have to, with eyeliner). Let’s start the new year together with this resolution: try at least one new look every month. Go for your favorite summer color, or get inspiration from the Fall Winter 2016-2017 shows and find a new shade… Just don’t go for the same old red!

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