Last week, and most of all last weekend, was a time packed with great emotions, and even a few tears! The web experienced this wave of feeling with us, watching Chiara on the stage of Verona’s Arena, and also collectively wondered something at the same time: just what highlighter does Chiara Ferragni use? Everyone seemed to be wondering, and when we realized, we figured we should answer a few questions: so, here are all of Chiara’s secrets, straight from her vanity case. With Chiara’s makeup artist Manuele Mameli‘s help, we are going to share with you all about Chiara’s beauty routine. So buckle up, and let’s go!

baseThe basic idea is that Chiara loves to have a natural, glowy look, so the first step in her ritual will be cleansing – you will never look like you are wearing little makeup, if you are still wearing traces of the previous day’s makeup, that’s for sure. After this step, you can move on to moisturizing, using a product with a plumping effect. After that, you must apply a moisturizing primer, which will help your very light, water-based foundation last a lot longer. The final touch for your complexion will be a product that takes care of any dark circles under your eyes. Chiara usually doesn’t have this issue, but just to make sure there are no dark areas, especially if Chiara had a particularly intense day the previous day, Manuele usually uses a pencil with an orange hue, applying it with his fingers, and puts a finishing touch with a concealer.

eyesThis is the most important step of the whole routine, and Chiara’s favorite one too, so pay attention! Start with a golden-hued cream eyeshadow, and a touch of highlighter in the inner corner of your eye. After that, apply a matte, light brown eyeshadow and blend it into the crease of your eye, slightly lengthening the shape of your eye towards the outside. And, voilà! All you will need for your eyebrows is a light touch of pencil, and a touch of highlighter, to define their shape.

cheeksStart with a light, fair-colored contouring, and a light dusting of peach-colored blush. Get ready, because this is when we are finally revealing THE secret: Chiara’s favorite highlighter comes in a cream texture, for a super natural effect, and you will find its name in the gallery. Manuele applies it on the top part of Chiara’s cheekbones, as well as on her Cupid’s bow and along the bridge of her nose.

lipsAnd the winner is… Lip pencils! It’s super convenient and easy for Chiara to reapply by herself during the day, with no need for brushes or any of a makeup artist’s typical tools. Her favorite color is a slightly rose-tinted nude, which enhances her skin tone, but doesn’t steal the show from her eyes.

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