Advent is possibly the best time to shop, ever. I didn’t suddenly go crazy, I mean it. First off, Christmas lights, Christmas music and decoration make everything more colorful and cuter, which already would be good enough, I would say. And if you love beauty products, there is one detail you should not overlook: special mini-sized products and special editions are everywhere, during the holidays! If you can mention anything better in this world than mini-sized beauty products, please share. Go ahead, I’m waiting. Ah, thought so: you can’t come up with anything… Because there is nothing better! Get ready, be brave, whether it is over the weekdays or at the weekend, put on comfortable shoes and go to store: it’s time to shop! You might be wondering if there is a reason behind my crazy love for mini beauty products. Yes, there are reasons, and multiple ones! The first reason is, you can educate your friends on all that is cool and wonderful in beauty, without spending an awful lot of money. It happens pretty often to me that I want to give a certain product as a gift, because I know it’s excellent, and end up changing my mind because the price is too high. With a mini-sized version of that same product, I can still make a good impression without having to skip dinner. And if that weren’t enough to love them already, mini-products also allow you to treat yourself to multiple little presents.

The art of self-gifting is a delicate, refined one. In my case, it’s a tradition that goes back to the day I received my first wage. Spending money on yourself is a good reminder that we should treat ourselves, during the holidays as well as at any other time of the year. Mini-sized products are essential for this ritual, because they make us feel gratified without making us feel too guilty, and they also allow us to test new products or try new beauty routines, without having to definitely convert to using them right away. Let me explain: if I buy a 30€ mascara, I will keep on using it – there is no way I just chuck it in a basket after using it only 3 or 4 times. A contented mind is a perpetual feast, and a girl with the wrong mascara has to learn to be content. But if I can spend only 8 euro to test that mascara instead, and be sure I am doing the right thing when spending three times as much, it’s entirely another story, isn’t it? Come on, come on, I know you I convinced you. Let’s go shop together: have a look at my wishlist in the gallery.

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