Braids, small braids, tattoos and flowers in the hair. Coachella‘s second weekend is about to begin and we drawn on last week looks for new hair and makeup ideas. This season’s beauty trend follows the hippie style, so it’s perfect to complement a festival outfit.

Braids are a season’s must for medium to long hair; whether they’re romantically pulled to the side, doubled as in the indian-style or small ones scattered here and there as for Chiara’s pick. Those who want and have the time can come up with more elaborate hairstyles with braids that crown the hair like Nikky Hilton and Katy Perry did or add fabric threads for a touch of color. Among the accessories, two must-have pieces: metal Indian-style jewels and flowers applied to small crowns, hair pins or bands.

Eyes and lips are natural but, like in 1970’s, the face is decorated with paint: this season the inspiration comes from the African tribes, featuring small white circles marking the forehead and the cheeks. The body is also adorned by temporary tattoos, especially on hands and wrists; to be mixed with bracelets for a super cool fake-real effect!

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