All eyes have been on the catwalks of the Cruise 2018 collections over the past few days. Plenty of clothing and accessories to make any girls dream, sure, but it’s the beauty details that are within anyone’s reach, and they are what we can try to make ours right away. Depending on your mood, you can choose what show you prefer between Dior, Chanel and Prada, playing and mixing different looks to create your own personal style. Ready, set, go!


The first tip we share comes from Dior. Genius Peter Philips created the perfect makeup for the hot season. Find anything that comes in a peach color: eyeshadow, blush, lipsticks… And polish, may we add. Peach is the kind of hue that looks good on all sorts of skin tones, and it will warm up even the coldest of complexions. Apply a touch of peach blush on your nose for an instant healthy glow.


Do we have to spell it out? Fine, we will. Learn how to braid your mane, and wear your braid with both daytime and evening looks. Prada showed us a double, thin, very elegant braid, while Chanel accessorized its Greek-goddess look with the most elegant detail we can think of: a ribbon in your hair. The choice is yours!


Whether on your eyes or on your mouth, Chanel and Prada both encourage us to play with makeup. Their eyeliner draws inspiration from ancient times (perhaps more from Egyptian rather than Greek times) while blood-red lipstick instantly reminds us of Sleeping Beauty. Both these details will revive your otherwise discreetly made-up look, showing signs of a fierce personality. Which one do you prefer?

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