Usually, when presenting a beauty trend originating from the runways, we tend to propose “sober” and wearable looks. Not this time, guys! We’re all over the new ideas presented in the Fall Winter 2017-2018 fashion shows, and want to show you how you can be an artist, too, with the so-called cut crease trend.

A cut crease is an eyeshadow technique that features a pronounced “cut” in the crease of the eye. It first appeared in the world of beauty in the 1960s, thanks to celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Liza Minnelli. Since then, it’s been heavily used by theatre actors, as it highlights and exaggerates the shape and size of the eyes, but it’s also become a staple of drag queen makeup techniques. The version we’ve seen in recent fashion shows is slightly different and reminds us more of a revisited Matisse or Monet, if Matisse and Monet made makeup. It’s a great touch of color in your look, makes your eyes look bigger, and also looks very sophisticated, even if you’re not using any mascara. It first made an appearance on the runway of the Spring Summer 2013 Michael Kors fashion show, but it’s making a grand comeback. Got your colored pencils? Ready, set, go!

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