The passion for electric blue goes a long way back: ancient Egyptians used to produce the pigment from precious stones, such as lapis lazuli, and women used to wear it a a sort of handmade eyeshadow on their eyelids. A few millennia later, this color was inspiration for Yves Saint Laurent, too, showing up over and over in his art, for years, after the designer discovered the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech.

On catwalks, it was already there as a beauty trend for a few seasons, but only now has it made the real jump from the runway to our vanities, becoming a new, real trend. It comes in so many different shades, and there is really no preferable season to use it, it is truly a summer and a winter must.

Whether matte or glossy, for smokey eyes or with a minimalist makeup, this eyeshadow can lend a real unique, original touch to your look. It’s a very attention-grabbing nuance, so make sure you wear it with a neutral lipstick or a nude gloss, as seen on Dior’s campaign with Bella Hadid. Whichever finish you choose for your eyeshadow, blue is a color that must be in your makeup bag. Don’t miss our gallery, you’ll find some original makeup ideas there!

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