When it comes to beauty, I can’t say I am lazy, it would be a lie. Lies are bad, anyway, and if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything: I have bad memory, so I would rather make my life easy. Anyway, we were saying: I like to spend time in front of the mirror, trying out different looks, experimenting with something different every day, testing products to include in our awesome galleries on the blog, you know what I mean. If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, though, that is eyeliner. As Einstein said, any fool can know, but the point is to understand, and even though my friends think I am a pro, I don’t understand eyeliner. I always waste at least 25 minutes with it, truly, I checked. I’m not kidding. It happened to me before that I was at home, ready, too early to leave, and I still came late, because of an eyeliner.

I obviously gave up at that point: my social life was already too precarious for it to be ruined by one of the few things I really love in this world. Beauty must be something that puts a smile on my face for me, not a challenge. So, I stopped wearing eyeliner, period. Just kidding! My struggle is over, but definitely not thanks to my skills. I found out I can cheat, and make my life easy while still getting to draw that clear line along the edge of my eyelid. Hurrah, yay! Get your confetti out, get the party hats, because I am about to share my secret: there are eyeliner runners and transfer stamps.

Eyeliner runners are made of plastic and look like guitar plectrums, but I found out that some people just use sticky notes, getting rid of the excess glue on the back of their hand, in order to protect the under-eye area’s delicate skin. Transfer stamps are just genius, though, really! They are small cat-eye-shaped stamps, you just apply your eyeliner on them, and then place them on your eye. If some details are a little smudged you can correct them by hand, but that will still have taken care of the hardest part!

Which version would you try? Have a look at the gallery and pick your favorite gadget!

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