Generally speaking, when we talk about makeup trends from the runways we’re looking into the future (currently meaning the Fall Winter of 2017-2018!) but in this case, we feel like we’re looking into the past instead… more specifically, a common reality, i.e. elementary school! Colored pencils are the protagonist of this season; you can use them to emphasize your eyes in new and original ways. There’s just one rule: you have to use more than one color, and mix and match crazy colors and applications. The most basic way to use pencils this way is a neat, straight line drawn with your eye pencil on both eyelids – preferably in bright purple or lime green; as long as it’s an unexpected color. If you feel inspired, get started with a classic look by Marco de Vincenzo, using two different shades of blue. Or if you feel brave, go ahead and try this complex and fun idea by Byblos! Scroll down to the gallery for plenty of inspiration and the best pencil sets to set free your creativity.

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