Composit - Beauty ChiaraDid you ever wonder what would be your hair and makeup for a Fashion Week party? The answer is easy, actually: you’d pick something effortless, quick to do, but with a wow factor. So you can be ready in minutes and run out to the party! This was Chiara’s for the Jeremy Scott party at NYFW. She picked a nineties inspired look, with space buns and a bold lip. Here are the details on how to get it, step-by-step.

Hair. Part your hair from the top of your ear, through the crown to the other ear. Using a clip, separate the bottom half from the top. Divide the top section into two through the middle, creating a center part.  Take each section and twist, wrapping the hair around into a bun as you go. Secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side. Using a pommade, smooth any stray hairs around the bun. Spray texturizing spray throughout the rest of the hair.

Makeup. Concentrate on the lips. Line and fill them in using the side of a wine-colored pencil. This will help with the longevity of the lip colour. Next, apply a matching lipstick evenly all over the lips and gently blot.

In the gallery you’ll also find the products she used. Click on the names to buy them straight away!

Photos by Andrew Arthur

Hair and makeup by Meghan Nguy

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