So, we moved from #squadgoals to #glowgoals in the blink of an eye, we must say. Lately, the trend in makeup is to look luminous and rather ethereal, and this is just wonderful, as it completely justifies our love for anything illuminating! There are many ways to approach the wonderful world of glow, so we decided to write a little guide for you, depending on the levels of luminosity you would like to attain.

If you still feel like you’re a rookie makeup artist, it makes sense to have a conservative approach, but please remember that this makeup trend is not for the faint of heart 馃槈 There’s a very simple technique you can use to start experimenting, applying highlighter before any other product, but always after primer. This will make it look as if your magical glow shines from within you, rather than from any artificial products you applied onto your skin. Cream and sticks are the best textures to pull this trick off, because they blend very nicely with the texture of your skin.

Christmas tree
A touch of light here and there never hurt anyone! Powders are the go-to texture for this kind of approach, and the amount of glitter you want in these powders is up to you. When you apply highlighter, remember to concentrate on the parts of your face that would normally be touched by sunlight – if only we weren’t in the middle of Winter. Cheekbones are key here, they really make a difference in your look! If you want to be utterly cool, choose a rose-gold shade: it looks good with pretty much any skin tone.

Guiding star
When the going gets tough, you need to reach the highest levels of luminosity! Step 1: mix your highlighting cream with foundation. The boost you get from this will be visible to the naked eye, and the optical illusion of glow will make your pores invisibile. For your eyes, go for metal eyeshadows in a cream texture, and also choose cream textures for the highlighter you will use on your cheekbones, your nose, your Cupid’s bow and the bone under your eyebrow ridge.

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