Dear bronzer,

I know it’s not fair at all to do this – but I must leave you, and I shall do so in writing. Trust me when I say it is as painful for me as it is for you, I am not doing this lightheartedly, and I wish I didn’t have to. But it’s mid-autumn already, and our romance must come to an end. I looked at the calendar, noticed that the end of November was approaching, and realized the time has come. Actually, to be honest, the time came about a month ago, but we both chose to ignore our fate, and now, here we are. It’s not you, it’s me. Or to be precise, winter is coming, and it is also forcing me to change my habits. You are wonderful, you make my skin look golden, you give me a beautiful warm glow in just a few gestures; your scent reminds me of summer, and of all the beautiful memories from this magical season. See that teardrop, rolling down my cheek as I write? I would love to believe I will change my mind by the time I am done writing this letter. I would love to believe that we will be together forever, but that is not the case, I know. Remember that time I dropped you, and you broke down into a million little pieces? Today will not be as dramatic, but it’s kinda the same thing. Just a tad less traumatic.
It just occurred to me that this might not be a real goodbye – maybe this will just be a temporary break. Actually, you know what? Yes, let’s just take a break! We need some time apart from each other, it will be good for us. Please, look after your warm glow and your enveloping scent, let your lid cover you well while you rest, close your eyes and enjoy your month-long sleep. It will be hard to be alone at first, but then you will see, this time will pass by so fast. There will only be two chances for us to meet again during this break, I am warning you to avoid disappointment: the first one will be my out-of-season holiday, that’s for sure. The second will be the time I befriend self-tanning lotions, which will make any match with foundation virtually impossible. I won’t make it without you at those times, so as you can see, this break is not forever. I hope you will understand – your powder heart can take this, and then some, I am sure. See you soon.

Forever yours,

P.S.  This winter blush and highlighters are popular, but fear not, dear: I have no intention to see them forever. Please, don’t think I am cheating on you, they will just be there to fill the void. Until next time, I will miss you, more and more everyday.

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