Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always associated adulthood with owning a red lipstick. I don’t know where this idea came from – maybe it was just the common consensus: just think of Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and all the other divas and their red, sensual lips that made the history of cinema. Lipstick is not a simple beauty product – it’s a weapon and a tool in your hands, with the ability to make you feel undefeatable and absolutely gorgeous.

That’s why our beauty cases always include multiple hues of red lipstick; which doesn’t mean we have the right one for us – in fact, most of the time we got the one we liked best, only to find it looked awful on us. Why’s that? Well, for starters, there are countless shades of red, from maroon to cerise, from vermilion to crimson. To stop making the same old mistake over and over again, there are some guidelines to follow, but bear in mind: there is no absolute rule; and in theory, you should always try a lipstick on before you buy it, but our tips will make your life easier.

I don’t think there’s anyone left who doesn’t know that the best color for your lips depends primarily on the color of your eyes, hair, skin color, and undertone (want to know what your undertone is? Just look at your wrists; if your veins look bluish, you have a cool undertone; if they look green, you have a warm undertone). For cooler undertones, obviously, you need a cooler shade of red lipstick (and vice versa), so fair skin means you need a cool shade of red, warm skin tones correspond to warmer red shades.

In addition to color, you also need to pay attention to finish and texture: if you have thin lips, opt for a glossy, glam red lipstick, which will make your lips look fuller; if you have big lips, you will look sexier if you wear a lipstick with a matte finish. Finally: looking for a shade that’ll emphasize your white teeth? Choose one with blue pigments – it’s the secret weapon for a smile that turns heads.

Class is over – time to have fun with different shades of lipsticks, from the most conventional to the latest novelties! And don’t forget: always make sure your choice of lipstick fits with the rest of your makeup. If you want your lips to run the gamut, limit makeup on your eyes to a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Have fun!

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