We decided to get inspiration from our own closet for our Halloween makeup this year, and we decided to imagine what a princess of the galaxies would look like — just like the stardust you can see on the tulle bustier we designed with Yamamay — if she would reveal her darkest side to us.

Wondering how to reproduce this makeup look? It’s easy and quick, try it!

Get your skin ready with a moisturizing, multi-purpose cream, like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protector (you can find their special version of it for The Blonde Salad here). After that, move on to your eye makeup, even before you do your face — if you do it after applying your eyeshadow, you will be able to remove any excess product with a towel, without damaging your work.

EYES. Apply a purple cream eyeshadow, and then sharpen your work with a brown eyeshadow, and a purple one. Reach for another purple eyeshadow, this time with a shimmer finish, to illuminate your eyelid a little. Blend this purple with some orange eyeshadow, moving towards the outer corner of the eye. Apply some golden eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye for a touch of light, and finish your look with some red eye pencil on the lower waterline, and some white mascara or eyeliner on your lashes. Define your eyebrows with mascaras and pencils.

SKIN. After applying your primer, foundation and highlighter, apply some pink cream blush on your cheekbones, followed by a touch of orange blush. For a darker touch, apply some purple shimmer blush, too.

LIPS. You will need three colors here: your orange-red lipstick will be your base. Add some depth with a darker red, and finally, apply some black lipstick, to define volume. Use your fingertips to work on your lips, and a small brush for the line on your cheeks.

GALAXY. Get creative with all sorts of glitter and stars! You will need tweezers and a bit of makeup glue, and if you have no glue, try using lip gloss: some glosses are so sticky that they will work perfectly!

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