cover truccarsi vacanza​Everyone knows that vanity bags always get lighter in summer. Or, to be more precise, its content changes and gets filled with sunscreen, moisturizers, and specific summer products, while losing a lot of the makeup that is usually there — you usually just need a lot less of it, also thanks to your tan, making foundation etc. useless. ​On the beach it’s always best to wear nothing but a little waterproof mascara, but you can use more makeup when going out in the evening, so you can flatter your new tan, and feel absolutely amazing. So, let’s get a few holiday makeup ideas from the catwalk: one of the main takeaways from there is that you must focus on only one part of your face, either your eyes, or your mouth. So, colorful lipstick, whether mat or glossy, are absolutely fine, as are liquid eyeliners, which you can rigorously use for tracing thin lines.
​If you have a more ​​minimalist style, choose mascara: apply a thick layer so that your lashes can get the volume they need to grab the spotlight on your face. If you feel daring instead, why not try a glitter eyeshadow? It will lend your look a playful touch for a special night out. Or would you rather go for a natural style? In that case, use eye shadow and pick a shade darker than that of your newly tanned skin. If your skin tone is very rich, you could also create contrast with a metallic powder, and some gloss on your lips. You will truly shine! ​

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