If they told us, when we were kids, that unicorns would have been in our lives when we grow up, too, we probably would have thought those big people were trying to fool us. But that is just the way it is: all you need to feel like you live in a world full of rainbows is a bit of unicorn-like makeup. We’re talking about holographic makeup, one of the most colorful and beautiful makeup styles we can think of. All you need to do is follow our tips and have the right products at hand. Keep reading if you love unicorns!

BASE: There is only one keyword here: highlighter. Whether it’s foundation, primer, powder, bronzer, blush or an actual highlighter… Apply liberally!

EYES: The secret lies in using pastel colors. You can choose to blend different shades of the same color, or mix two different colors that work well together, like baby blue and pink. Glitter, pigments and holographic eyeshadows are the absolute champions of this kind of makeup, but if you want to get even more colorful and cinematic, you can also draw a line with eyeliners of different colors. Top it all off with a touch of colored mascara.

LIPS: Purple, pink, lilac, baby blue and green: all the colors of the rainbow are acceptable. We could also just apply some glitter and rhinestones onto our lips, like Gucci did at the 2017-2018 Fall Winter shows.

There are just no limits for this sweet, magical look. It’s hypnotic and artistic, as we saw on the images and tutorial of the most famous makeup artists right now. There’s nothing else we can do but get inspired now!

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