We’ve been telling you in every possible way by now, your life needs a highlighter. We also realized that the crazy amount of products available on the market might make it very hard to choose the perfect highlighter for your skin tone. So, here is a practical guide to find your match, your soulmate in glow, to never let go.

fair-skinLet’s start with our snow-white skinned friends, among which is included yours truly. This kind of complexion works very well with anything pearl-hued, ice-hued, holographic products or anything in a very pale, champagne shade. It is absolutely forbidden for you to even get close to anything with a red or warm undertone, in order to avoid the I-just-had-a-run-on-a-treadmill effect. If you really want to give your face some warmth, you can apply your highlighter on top of a layer of coral-coloured blush (or buy NARS’s Orgasm blush, which will give you both effects in one!)

medium-and-olive-skinThe middle category gets a green light for anything with golden or peach tones. In summer, you can use them on your cheekbones as well as a lightweight eyeshadow, to create a perfect ton-sur-ton effect which will look great when moving from the shore to happy hour. To bring out your tan, go for highlighting bronzers, applying them generously on your décolleté before you go out at night.

dark-skinDark skin is perfect to have fun and play with rich highlighter tones, like rose gold and bronze. It is very important to choose highly pigmented products if you do this, and stay away from anything that is too fair or whose color is too cold and icy: this might end up looking just like a layer of dust that will wash you out instead of making your face glow, as highlighter should. To avoid this problem, add a little liquid highlighter to your foundation, this will give you a very natural and soft effect, and it won’t just be perfect for partying… It will also be good for going to work!

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